The Future of the Internet Built Around Blockchain

We want to help shape the future of the internet called Web 3.0. We believe that the future of the internet will be built around Blockchain technology, which will unlock new economic value and disruptive new innovations and businesses.

Our Philosophy 

Our Philosophy is to enable the implementation of Blockchain technology, which can solve major scale human challenges in the areas of health, education, energy and finance.

Blockchain Technology Capital goal is to drive this implementation by providing access to capital and route to market for Blockchain based startups.


Route to capital

AI based Deal evaluation

Leveraging our proprietary Artificial intelligence deal evaluation technology we help HNW and institutional investors navigate the world of blockchain startups selecting only the ones which have a strong product offering, immediate route to market, strong customer demand and ROI.

Private trading exchange

Our Blockchain based private exchange regulated by the Swiss Financial regulatory authority provides a regulated, secure and trusted trading platform where our investors can trade in Blockchain based start-ups easily.

Route to Market

Business Accelerator  

Through our Blockchain accelerator we select only the best start-ups and provide them with office space and support with there product development , marketing, legal, regulatory compliance and HR.   

Advisory Board 

Our world class advisory board made up senior industry experts from financial services, Blockchain, HR, Health, Education, Legal, Regulatory Compliance and Energy will provide Blockchain companies with access to customers who will implement Blockchain based technologies


Mujassum Butt

Co-Founder, Advisor Growth & Strategy 

Mujassum works with our strategic partners, technology assets and portfolio companies to align strategy, drive accountability and scale processes for future growth. 

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Asim Khan

Head of Business Development & Trading

After graduating in economics from University College London Asim completed management training at Merrill Lynch Asset Management 

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Khurram Hamid 

Senior Advisor on Strategy,  Marketing and Vertical industry expertise on CPG, Health and  Retail

Khurram is currently the Chief Digital Officer for Pfizer for the Africa Middle East Region,  leading the digital transformation of a $1 billion healthcare business.

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Asif Masood

Partner – Co-Head Business Development & Trading

Asif has 20 years of Global Capital Markets experience specializing in Compliance and Treasury within Europe & GCC.  

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